Wednesday, July 1, 2015


1.  15,638,400 seconds

2.  "Oh, that will be bad for business." ; Money that flows one way is bad for business. - 99% 

3.  It is astonishing that anything can over come the 483,000 mph galactic speed.

4.  Seedless watermelon.

5.  "I love you for your moments." - Brian Beatty

6.  Based on inflation your a day late and $23.57 short.

7.  Sometimes the way things go are done by the past.

8.  Great mysteries unveil themselves as long as we continue to pursue  them.

9.  I will call you a name; I will effect my beliefs on you; I will condemn your behavior as indecent; I will degrade your identity; I will macerate your bodily image; I will not justify my reasons since having a thoughtful discussion with you means you could do the same to me.

10. Reward someone with unabashed gratitude.

11.  A life pursuing the arts may never cause fame, it may never amount to the 'hill of beans', however it will entertain your life as long as you nourish it.

12. Be proud and accountable for your actions.

13.  An astronomical blink is 54,000 years long. 

14.  Speak the truth to power. Unknown quote told by David Pape. 

15.  Being alike, it's fun to love a lot. 

16.  Beets come in many colors and decibels. 

17.  Those who love be joyous in life. 

18.  Lateness has it's advantages on occasion. 

19.  If you put all the ingredients in, our outcome will still vary. 

20. " I wish I were smarter or dumber than my current intellectual state" David Grassroots cook

21.  Delivered goods should be received with grand intentions.

22.  The American Flags taken on the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon were purchased through a government supply catalog for $5.50; New Jersey based company called Annin made the off the shelf nylon flag.

23.  Good laws are not meant to protect us from harm.

24.  My 'Swan Song' includes lots of reverb.

25.  Laughs are the effervescent stimulus in retaining a youthful energy.

26.  I have heard the argument that the LGBTQ community is receiving way to much attention based on its over all population; 3.6% in USA roughly 8.83 million.  In 1860 the population of the Confederacy was 9.1 million. 

27.  Sesamiod bones  you've got several and when one is broken you will know it. 

28.  In the event of complete failure do yourself a favor and learn.

29.  Marginalized spaces hide a treasure trove of life.

30. Rule of law can be measured in a monetary amount.

31. Can't understand the poor reviews from trips to the Abyss. 

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