Tuesday, December 1, 2015


1.  The art of illusion should never be used to alter another beliefs.

2.  We most teach children that exercise is hard, while they are young. They will be more likely to carry on as active adults leading much healthier lifestyles.

3.  What would a 12 step program look like for the GUN crazed? What happens when the people don't get there way? Ask the NRA?

4. Our only true fear is our own.

5.  Love had is best when shared. 

6.  Not really sure, sarcasm.

7.  Until something more substantial comes your way keep feeding the success.

8.  Queued up waiting for the magic to pass my way.

9.  The truest value of friendship is the giving of ones love, as the value added to each other bonds us all together as one.

10. Impossible it may seem, try you must.

11. Wear your heart on the sleeve, let your deepest most ernest vulnerabilities so out to all who are there. Learn to become aquatinted with the size of your soul, allow all who pass to drift in its vast warmth.

12. Go ahead out and shake your Aura till it vibrantly sparkles and shines.

13. So movies: any random duration in the future some form of gun like handheld weapon is still being used. 

14. Try leaving the seat down and just aiming for the middle, see if the result is the same.

15. it's where you're at that become where you've gone.

16. Break thru in spectacular fashion.

17. Everyone has an ability to think, no matter how it becomes expressed.

18. First Flames.

19. At least have an educated opinion.

20. As she traveled under great sacrifice to herself, she wished nothing more than to be at peace.

21. Life will come to an end, you will not exist, your duration here will not be remembered far into the future; It is okay to live fully in the here and now as this will bring you happiness.

22. Just in time for the holidays, Enjoy!

23. Be it the holiday you celebrate with the most passion allowing others to rejoice in their own way celebrates us all.

24. Authorities to interrogate youth eating Spring Mix Salad blend during the winter months.

25. What other space oddities does the earth create on other planets: Does the earth become an eclipse?, show in phases?, make more interesting constellations from other perspectives?; We may just be a glimmer of light elsewhere, twinkling fantasies across our corner of the galaxy, and that's okay.

26. Results are marking achievement both big and small.

27. Entrust yourself in others.

28. Stopped doling out the love there, David Hasselhoff, one must proclaim standards.

29. An investment from ill-gotten gains spurs negative moral fiber.

30. Don't wait for a fault to change an outcome.

31. Set out in life the best in yourself, for others will join in bettering life with you.

As I write my last day I remind myself that the closeness of community make me stronger. 365 may not be the biggest number however it represents the attainment of a goal.
Thank you all for the journey. Onward to next year!