Friday, May 17, 2019

Dropped at the start line

Hello Friends and Family,

 Much of our recent time since April 17 has been focusing on the future. Many wonderful things have happened in this month with Caris graduating being the top.

I went to Urgent Care 4-17 and left with an appt Friday 4-19 for a CT scan and a follow up with UNC Urology 4-24. In 7 fast days we learned I've been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Dr. was fairly confident it is the most treatable type. He took a lot of time going thru different scenarios, complications and all the other quick digestible info.

We left with a date for a Cystoscopy and surgery.

Spring to 5-16. Cystoscopy went good with some relieving news. Tumor was not blocking kidney duct! Which we were not aware that was an issue to think on, yeah. Dr. seemed to believe this was a low grade tumor with a good outlook of recovery. We also learned more about the surgical procedure including plan for being paralyzed/intubated, because a nerve that controls leg movement runs right next to surgical site.

We await any new info till surgery on Friday 5-24. Should hear biopsy results the following Wednesday.

We were dropped off at a race we didn't train for, equipped with no knowledge of the course or distance and have no idea what gear to use. We have friends who've run this race as well.

We are moving forward with a positive attitude, applying new knowledge, making the best decisions, keep moving forward. That's how you finish, one choice at a time.

Yes this is hard
Yes we have a lot of support
Yes there is love
Yes I have the greatest companion Jenny
Yes we will succeed

Much Love and Respect,  Harold

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Bear 100 F.U.R. motivationals

Success is unique as an individual.

There is no hiding when a goal comes into focus.

Weak of mind; Strong of arse.

There is no greater fool than the one who never takes a first step.

 Early miscalculations should not be the basis of your next.

Stand alone or together, just don't stand long

Do not miss the satisfying calm of space between inhale/exhale. It is the pause between where deeper cleansing occurs.

Sir Issac Newton was an Endurance athlete, based on his second law of motion.

Unlike a common Rooteous Serpentes, Luminous Oculus Arachnida can only be viewed at night.

                                                    P(B) = 1 - P(A) :
Probability of an event lies between 0 and 1, whereas A and B are mutually exclusive events then the probability of A and B happening together is zero.

0.000056463% =  Bear finishers based on USA population

Your heart has the ability to produce the largest volume of work during an Ultra

A balance between thought and decision must be maintained so neither voice gets overridden.

Learn your strengths by pushing through your weaknesses.

Lows can seem immeasurable at the time

'Namaste here'.  Not a good plan for aid stations

100 mi x 5280' / 3' per step = 176000, a really long '99 bottles of beer on the wall' opportunity.

There is no argument about the addiction of Ultra running, I can only imagine a 12 step program to get you clean.

Why has the use of camouflage gone unnoticed in our sport.

Night seems long and strenuous as do most things foreign to us.

Hours will pass like minutes

For 36 hours everything in life is about you. Treat this moment with care. Respect yourself, praise yourself and embrace the spot light. The story is yours and yours alone.

The hardest object in the world is considered to be a diamond. I have a group of friends who could contest that.

Never project your current 'ahead of schedule with ease' till you get to a sunrise. Then we can talk.

Wild trees! Humbled rocks! Indecisive water! Stale dust! Pompous flowers! Renegade lichen!


In the darkest of will have a light. Come on, it's not end of times and sh.t.

Anxious nerves consume Elephant sized calories.

Thru the hallucinations  of bear stumps, cougar eyes, Sasquatch rustling and toto wearing Pharos hiking beside you, all of which can be taken legally in any state.

No shorter the distance than time

Life is full of delicate moments to be digested in due course

Once passed the caught eye of someone relieving themselves on course...all is part of the play unfolding 

Here is the pin ultimate list of ideas for a 100 miler
1. ?

At some youthful age, let’s say 4, you spouted off in a red tearful tantrum ‘THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN’. There’s a weekend of possibilities ahead!

Sometimes it is a fragrance adrift that  permeates your senses leaving you to curiously explore further 

It is amazing the tribe of people who come together for this event. We are from all ends of the spectrum and yet we are all here to do this. - Cruz

Too share, care and create life ambitions. This is why we cry, laugh and communicate respect for each other. It is not me, It is us and It is the best we have. Welcome to the honey pot. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Thoughts of L8

-A quite noise wave claims the intellectual shoreline with an ability to converse.

-Stay in front of your smile

-You got this

-A series of small decisions

-When you are driven against your grain do not step aside and give in, battle with will and       determination for resolve.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


1.  The art of illusion should never be used to alter another beliefs.

2.  We most teach children that exercise is hard, while they are young. They will be more likely to carry on as active adults leading much healthier lifestyles.

3.  What would a 12 step program look like for the GUN crazed? What happens when the people don't get there way? Ask the NRA?

4. Our only true fear is our own.

5.  Love had is best when shared. 

6.  Not really sure, sarcasm.

7.  Until something more substantial comes your way keep feeding the success.

8.  Queued up waiting for the magic to pass my way.

9.  The truest value of friendship is the giving of ones love, as the value added to each other bonds us all together as one.

10. Impossible it may seem, try you must.

11. Wear your heart on the sleeve, let your deepest most ernest vulnerabilities so out to all who are there. Learn to become aquatinted with the size of your soul, allow all who pass to drift in its vast warmth.

12. Go ahead out and shake your Aura till it vibrantly sparkles and shines.

13. So movies: any random duration in the future some form of gun like handheld weapon is still being used. 

14. Try leaving the seat down and just aiming for the middle, see if the result is the same.

15. it's where you're at that become where you've gone.

16. Break thru in spectacular fashion.

17. Everyone has an ability to think, no matter how it becomes expressed.

18. First Flames.

19. At least have an educated opinion.

20. As she traveled under great sacrifice to herself, she wished nothing more than to be at peace.

21. Life will come to an end, you will not exist, your duration here will not be remembered far into the future; It is okay to live fully in the here and now as this will bring you happiness.

22. Just in time for the holidays, Enjoy!

23. Be it the holiday you celebrate with the most passion allowing others to rejoice in their own way celebrates us all.

24. Authorities to interrogate youth eating Spring Mix Salad blend during the winter months.

25. What other space oddities does the earth create on other planets: Does the earth become an eclipse?, show in phases?, make more interesting constellations from other perspectives?; We may just be a glimmer of light elsewhere, twinkling fantasies across our corner of the galaxy, and that's okay.

26. Results are marking achievement both big and small.

27. Entrust yourself in others.

28. Stopped doling out the love there, David Hasselhoff, one must proclaim standards.

29. An investment from ill-gotten gains spurs negative moral fiber.

30. Don't wait for a fault to change an outcome.

31. Set out in life the best in yourself, for others will join in bettering life with you.

As I write my last day I remind myself that the closeness of community make me stronger. 365 may not be the biggest number however it represents the attainment of a goal.
Thank you all for the journey. Onward to next year!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


1.  Waining daylight shifts life.

2.  The angle of right to wrong is subtle.

3.  Bad advice is generally given by those not directly involved. 

4.  Doubt is fears explanation. 

5.  Encouragement should never be stronger than a calm voice. 

6.  Xmas holiday has begun. 

7.  It is the useful space between breaths when a deep relaxation can occur. 

8.  The breadth of your situation should not hinder your immediate abilities. 

9.  Your voice is my home. 

10. Love is self regenerating. 

11. A burning energy from desire propels us to a higher, fuller and complete being.

12. The little things matter. A smile, hug, kind word, gesture or paying for my coffee.

13. Sometimes when I giggle it's a safe bet to not ask why.

14. Our freedoms may not be the same however our human instincts are shared throughout.

15. Based on the NRA's propaganda, the Militant terrorists who killed those in Paris would have benefited from expanded mental health screening because thats what keeps guns away from bad people.

16. People seek safety and shelter while fleeing devastation, seems to me they are smart people.

17. To build something permanent is to except ones time one earth as having a deeper longevity.

18. Consciousness left idle may lead to unwanted persuasion.

19. A good deed gone unrecognized shall never go unbenefited.

20. Value from learned mistakes never cost as much as repeated mistakes.

21. I've been brought down in an iridescent filled sunset. Astonished with effervescent curiosity I'll continue earthward radiating color globally.  The shine, the shine, bright shine indeed, the glow of long shadows mix the pallet of sky shades.

22. If I decrease my claimed dollar value the overall effect would not go far however if someone making 10.5 million in salary reduces their claimed dollar value the effects would be astonishing.  It's the overwhelming drive to increase gross profit over the price of respect that is laudable.

23. A life of travel increases your empathy to the various cultural differences the world has.

24. A black and white world is not devoid of color.

25. A fight taken to the people should never disparage the least fortunate among us. You looking out for you is backing down from the first fist.

26. Thanks You.

27. Emotional waterfalls.

28. Red punches Blue causing Yellow to turn green. Sickened Blue lashes out at Red fisting a deep purple exchange, meanwhile Yellow has now joined the darkening fray with a black blow to both.

29. Be Free.

30. Strength of belief should not dictate actionable force.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


1.  Calm rise.

2.  Pillow cadence,

3.  Echos blind.

4.  Sumptuous blasphemy,

5.  Glinty warmth,

6.  Laving paradox.

7.  Emboldened rave,

8.  Remedial nuance,

9.  Gracious vanity,

10. Heart exhalation.

11. Foraging desires,

12. Beneficial absorb,

13. Peaking nutrients.

14. Castaway neurons,

15. Unreferenced friends.

16. Doldrums mischief.

17. Display scintillating,

18. Rejoicing affably.

19. Times tale,

20. Exhalation recovery,

21. Reflective sanity,

22. Flatscreen envelope.

23. Mistress desires.

24. Cleansed exfoliation,

25. Hurried chores,

26. Clear history!

27. Polite liquidity,

28. Cardinal knowledge;

29. Despair singular.

30. Thoughts asleep,

31. Dream sweetly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


1.  10,000 years from now we may still be deciding who is 'right'.  It is the blue in the face silliness we attempt to win over that will not even matter when your gone. Compromise  is the fastest way to secure your enduring rule.

2.  Executing a plan has unavoidable hazards.

3.  H Syndrome.

4.  Unique benefits associated with the sharing of cupcakes are vastly underrated.

5.  I find it strange we have a infinite amount for us to ponder. It seems the same belief in a god should exist to value an amount of infinity.

6.  If we can show the world how we can isolate ourselves from our neighbors by encapsulating our borders with a wall then we can prove to all that we are no different than those who use force to control theirs.

7.  Zero should feel slighted if 1 is the loneliest number.

8.  Life is short, circum to goodness.

9.  Abilities usefulness depends on the users strengths.

10.  2 steps forward and one step back. To cover 1 mile you will move 1.5 miles.

11.  80 billion towards war ruffles few feathers. That's a $33 dollar increase per tax payer a year for 10 years. What do we need to fight over?

12. " --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such a form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."- Declaration of Independence, July 4 1776.
We have come to a time in our Governance, as overtly controlled by the wealthiest citizens, the greater populations voice is controlled by fear.

13.  The sleepy feeling should be exciting, naps.

14.  Taken to the other extreme, not exercising for 3 weeks makes a nervous body. Worst taper ever.

15.  There are always going to be multiple takes, viewpoints and opinions on every issue. We need not settle all the issues all the time through wasteful debate. We can find common ground on more issues than we can imagine if we stop and discuss ideals, core values and communal strengths. Creating a government that works for all, at a higher rate of speed than now.

16.  The emptiest part of not knowing is there could be nothing to know.

17.  "It's a beautiful glass." Human  Please take the 1:07 minute to see, feel and hear this most beautiful story.

18.  Swagger to the Camel wobble.

19. Brave is a decision made by the strongest among us. - To Racheal Bell 'Wisp' Kelly

20. As his tears ended so to did our lasting love.

21.  Listen to the telling of fears. Now play the fear backward and hear the truth. You can better understand fear based arguments when you listen backwards. 

22.  Compassion first.

23.  Brain flexing.

24.  Starting at the start could inhibit exposure to hidden wonders.

25.  Breadth of a moment increases with direct a emotional connection.

26.  "Lynx, we're the stick of the match and your the flaming head."

27.  Comeback - An ability to recover and achieve new goals.

28.  I'm just a hand forming to the glove.

29.  When facts edit your beliefs, darn.

30.  Not sure the crazy bubble has both entrance and exit?