Tuesday, December 1, 2015


1.  The art of illusion should never be used to alter another beliefs.

2.  We most teach children that exercise is hard, while they are young. They will be more likely to carry on as active adults leading much healthier lifestyles.

3.  What would a 12 step program look like for the GUN crazed? What happens when the people don't get there way? Ask the NRA?

4. Our only true fear is our own.

5.  Love had is best when shared. 

6.  Not really sure, sarcasm.

7.  Until something more substantial comes your way keep feeding the success.

8.  Queued up waiting for the magic to pass my way.

9.  The truest value of friendship is the giving of ones love, as the value added to each other bonds us all together as one.

10. Impossible it may seem, try you must.

11. Wear your heart on the sleeve, let your deepest most ernest vulnerabilities so out to all who are there. Learn to become aquatinted with the size of your soul, allow all who pass to drift in its vast warmth.

12. Go ahead out and shake your Aura till it vibrantly sparkles and shines.

13. So movies: any random duration in the future some form of gun like handheld weapon is still being used. 

14. Try leaving the seat down and just aiming for the middle, see if the result is the same.

15. it's where you're at that become where you've gone.

16. Break thru in spectacular fashion.

17. Everyone has an ability to think, no matter how it becomes expressed.

18. First Flames.

19. At least have an educated opinion.

20. As she traveled under great sacrifice to herself, she wished nothing more than to be at peace.

21. Life will come to an end, you will not exist, your duration here will not be remembered far into the future; It is okay to live fully in the here and now as this will bring you happiness.

22. Just in time for the holidays, Enjoy!

23. Be it the holiday you celebrate with the most passion allowing others to rejoice in their own way celebrates us all.

24. Authorities to interrogate youth eating Spring Mix Salad blend during the winter months.

25. What other space oddities does the earth create on other planets: Does the earth become an eclipse?, show in phases?, make more interesting constellations from other perspectives?; We may just be a glimmer of light elsewhere, twinkling fantasies across our corner of the galaxy, and that's okay.

26. Results are marking achievement both big and small.

27. Entrust yourself in others.

28. Stopped doling out the love there, David Hasselhoff, one must proclaim standards.

29. An investment from ill-gotten gains spurs negative moral fiber.

30. Don't wait for a fault to change an outcome.

31. Set out in life the best in yourself, for others will join in bettering life with you.

As I write my last day I remind myself that the closeness of community make me stronger. 365 may not be the biggest number however it represents the attainment of a goal.
Thank you all for the journey. Onward to next year!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


1.  Waining daylight shifts life.

2.  The angle of right to wrong is subtle.

3.  Bad advice is generally given by those not directly involved. 

4.  Doubt is fears explanation. 

5.  Encouragement should never be stronger than a calm voice. 

6.  Xmas holiday has begun. 

7.  It is the useful space between breaths when a deep relaxation can occur. 

8.  The breadth of your situation should not hinder your immediate abilities. 

9.  Your voice is my home. 

10. Love is self regenerating. 

11. A burning energy from desire propels us to a higher, fuller and complete being.

12. The little things matter. A smile, hug, kind word, gesture or paying for my coffee.

13. Sometimes when I giggle it's a safe bet to not ask why.

14. Our freedoms may not be the same however our human instincts are shared throughout.

15. Based on the NRA's propaganda, the Militant terrorists who killed those in Paris would have benefited from expanded mental health screening because thats what keeps guns away from bad people.

16. People seek safety and shelter while fleeing devastation, seems to me they are smart people.

17. To build something permanent is to except ones time one earth as having a deeper longevity.

18. Consciousness left idle may lead to unwanted persuasion.

19. A good deed gone unrecognized shall never go unbenefited.

20. Value from learned mistakes never cost as much as repeated mistakes.

21. I've been brought down in an iridescent filled sunset. Astonished with effervescent curiosity I'll continue earthward radiating color globally.  The shine, the shine, bright shine indeed, the glow of long shadows mix the pallet of sky shades.

22. If I decrease my claimed dollar value the overall effect would not go far however if someone making 10.5 million in salary reduces their claimed dollar value the effects would be astonishing.  It's the overwhelming drive to increase gross profit over the price of respect that is laudable.

23. A life of travel increases your empathy to the various cultural differences the world has.

24. A black and white world is not devoid of color.

25. A fight taken to the people should never disparage the least fortunate among us. You looking out for you is backing down from the first fist.

26. Thanks You.

27. Emotional waterfalls.

28. Red punches Blue causing Yellow to turn green. Sickened Blue lashes out at Red fisting a deep purple exchange, meanwhile Yellow has now joined the darkening fray with a black blow to both.

29. Be Free.

30. Strength of belief should not dictate actionable force.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


1.  Calm rise.

2.  Pillow cadence,

3.  Echos blind.

4.  Sumptuous blasphemy,

5.  Glinty warmth,

6.  Laving paradox.

7.  Emboldened rave,

8.  Remedial nuance,

9.  Gracious vanity,

10. Heart exhalation.

11. Foraging desires,

12. Beneficial absorb,

13. Peaking nutrients.

14. Castaway neurons,

15. Unreferenced friends.

16. Doldrums mischief.

17. Display scintillating,

18. Rejoicing affably.

19. Times tale,

20. Exhalation recovery,

21. Reflective sanity,

22. Flatscreen envelope.

23. Mistress desires.

24. Cleansed exfoliation,

25. Hurried chores,

26. Clear history!

27. Polite liquidity,

28. Cardinal knowledge;

29. Despair singular.

30. Thoughts asleep,

31. Dream sweetly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


1.  10,000 years from now we may still be deciding who is 'right'.  It is the blue in the face silliness we attempt to win over that will not even matter when your gone. Compromise  is the fastest way to secure your enduring rule.

2.  Executing a plan has unavoidable hazards.

3.  H Syndrome.

4.  Unique benefits associated with the sharing of cupcakes are vastly underrated.

5.  I find it strange we have a infinite amount for us to ponder. It seems the same belief in a god should exist to value an amount of infinity.

6.  If we can show the world how we can isolate ourselves from our neighbors by encapsulating our borders with a wall then we can prove to all that we are no different than those who use force to control theirs.

7.  Zero should feel slighted if 1 is the loneliest number.

8.  Life is short, circum to goodness.

9.  Abilities usefulness depends on the users strengths.

10.  2 steps forward and one step back. To cover 1 mile you will move 1.5 miles.

11.  80 billion towards war ruffles few feathers. That's a $33 dollar increase per tax payer a year for 10 years. What do we need to fight over?

12. " --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such a form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."- Declaration of Independence, July 4 1776.
We have come to a time in our Governance, as overtly controlled by the wealthiest citizens, the greater populations voice is controlled by fear.

13.  The sleepy feeling should be exciting, naps.

14.  Taken to the other extreme, not exercising for 3 weeks makes a nervous body. Worst taper ever.

15.  There are always going to be multiple takes, viewpoints and opinions on every issue. We need not settle all the issues all the time through wasteful debate. We can find common ground on more issues than we can imagine if we stop and discuss ideals, core values and communal strengths. Creating a government that works for all, at a higher rate of speed than now.

16.  The emptiest part of not knowing is there could be nothing to know.

17.  "It's a beautiful glass." Human  Please take the 1:07 minute to see, feel and hear this most beautiful story.

18.  Swagger to the Camel wobble.

19. Brave is a decision made by the strongest among us. - To Racheal Bell 'Wisp' Kelly

20. As his tears ended so to did our lasting love.

21.  Listen to the telling of fears. Now play the fear backward and hear the truth. You can better understand fear based arguments when you listen backwards. 

22.  Compassion first.

23.  Brain flexing.

24.  Starting at the start could inhibit exposure to hidden wonders.

25.  Breadth of a moment increases with direct a emotional connection.

26.  "Lynx, we're the stick of the match and your the flaming head."

27.  Comeback - An ability to recover and achieve new goals.

28.  I'm just a hand forming to the glove.

29.  When facts edit your beliefs, darn.

30.  Not sure the crazy bubble has both entrance and exit?

Saturday, August 1, 2015


1.  Pet peeve: The overt use of 'guys' to mean any group, even groups of women.  I have vowed to let go of the sexism nature of the phrase 'guys' if dealing with mixed sexs of people. I will, just for the punch, use 'ladies' for the reaction of the males in a group just to start a conversation.

2.  Reality TVS overt addition of drama is not just insincere, it creates a disconnection in our perception of the world we live in.

3. Labels, works for filling not judgements.

4.  Pursuit of perfection is easier when you've acknowledged changing parameters of success.

5.  "Made another trip around the sun." "The Happy Happy Birthday Song" by Arrogant Worms

6.  A Florida man wearing an adult diaper has been seen shopping for laundry detergent.

7.  When you remove facts from history, you can repeat it all over again since you are right this time.

8.  Corporate illusion, a well disguised fox among sheep.

9.  It can be a tear filled with happiness that starts a grand journey.

10. Time passes without your input.

11.  Reduce your use.

12. Youth may have stamina, age may have wisdom, Why am I so blown out?

13.  By out of the way I mean no internet and memory.

14.  Love never stops learning. 

15.  Motorcycle touring is the controlled art of adaption.

16.  Without redemption those who habour loss fester a malignancy of unrest.

17.  I left a flower for you out on the trial. It's beauty reminded me of you, we should go and see.

18.  Be spars with your words. 

19.  Desire drives me to explore even if what I explore has been found.

20.  'Guns don't kill people, people kill people' are the same group who say, 'Guns save lives'.

21.  Speed Hump Ahead. You'll thank me for the laugh later.

22.  There is a goodness in humanity, sometimes it needs familiarity.

23.  Whatever happened to the business structure when they became so unpatriotic that they left the country, took massive tax deductions, removed most benefits, threaten middle class by stripping workers rights, give more attention to their shareholders benefits and now to bring them home business wants your limited tax dollar to rebuild here? I call BULLSHIT!

24.  It is the greatest emotion that finesses the greatest actions.

25.  A well loved child will keep giving, unconditionally.

26.  The un-cursed weight borne from hateful white privilege now is dispelled so easily with a mogul empire of propaganda. Sacrifice the the black, latino, lower class, disheartened poor to sell the shit farce lie that lines your shelves in gold and riches.

27. The word Set has 464 definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary.

28.  Most days start on a great foot, for those that don't just keep your feet grounded.

29.  I have been in a reduced state of health for 17 day now. Ultra preparation training.

30.  Smallest doors may carry the largest opportunities.

31.  Know matter how long you revolve around the earth while spiraling along with the galaxy you will never be in the same place, ever. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


1.  15,638,400 seconds

2.  "Oh, that will be bad for business." ; Money that flows one way is bad for business. - 99% 

3.  It is astonishing that anything can over come the 483,000 mph galactic speed.

4.  Seedless watermelon.

5.  "I love you for your moments." - Brian Beatty

6.  Based on inflation your a day late and $23.57 short.

7.  Sometimes the way things go are done by the past.

8.  Great mysteries unveil themselves as long as we continue to pursue  them.

9.  I will call you a name; I will effect my beliefs on you; I will condemn your behavior as indecent; I will degrade your identity; I will macerate your bodily image; I will not justify my reasons since having a thoughtful discussion with you means you could do the same to me.

10. Reward someone with unabashed gratitude.

11.  A life pursuing the arts may never cause fame, it may never amount to the 'hill of beans', however it will entertain your life as long as you nourish it.

12. Be proud and accountable for your actions.

13.  An astronomical blink is 54,000 years long. 

14.  Speak the truth to power. Unknown quote told by David Pape. 

15.  Being alike, it's fun to love a lot. 

16.  Beets come in many colors and decibels. 

17.  Those who love be joyous in life. 

18.  Lateness has it's advantages on occasion. 

19.  If you put all the ingredients in, our outcome will still vary. 

20. " I wish I were smarter or dumber than my current intellectual state" David Grassroots cook

21.  Delivered goods should be received with grand intentions.

22.  The American Flags taken on the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon were purchased through a government supply catalog for $5.50; New Jersey based company called Annin made the off the shelf nylon flag.

23.  Good laws are not meant to protect us from harm.

24.  My 'Swan Song' includes lots of reverb.

25.  Laughs are the effervescent stimulus in retaining a youthful energy.

26.  I have heard the argument that the LGBTQ community is receiving way to much attention based on its over all population; 3.6% in USA roughly 8.83 million.  In 1860 the population of the Confederacy was 9.1 million. 

27.  Sesamiod bones  you've got several and when one is broken you will know it. 

28.  In the event of complete failure do yourself a favor and learn.

29.  Marginalized spaces hide a treasure trove of life.

30. Rule of law can be measured in a monetary amount.

31. Can't understand the poor reviews from trips to the Abyss. 

Monday, June 1, 2015


1. Summer is coming the sun will arch high.

2.  Children, by far, are the least bothered by your appearance.

3.  In life the lessons you learn should be put to the best of use.

4.  All the events leading up to today will effect tomorrows slight sorrow.

5.  It's vegetarian because porks eats vegetable.  Supa Trailhead

6. Hard effort is worth it. Even harder effort may not be worth it tomorrow.

7.  Testing failure, science.

8.  The earth has set itself on fire, quaked the ground apart, erupted volumes of magma, flooded deltas, sent storms ravaging the lands, dust bowled entire continents, powered tsunamis,  all of which created a planet of living inhabitants that evolved to become strong.

9.  Sneaky as a cloud.

10.  Being together for adventure creates monumental wellness.

11.  All have graduated, life is a timeline of enjoyment.

12.  With the allure of fun comes great sacrifice. 

13.  Don't tell me someone hasn't taken some leftover womb sack and done that already.

14.  Turns may be a change of direction however they should not throw off your path.

15.  Mountains have encompassed you, it is feeling their embrace.

16.  I thought I lost you. I sought help. You came back. Relief and calm.

17.  Persuaded by doubt, you've caved within.

18.  Witted passed reasonable retort, I fathomed too blank as my stare gazed.

19.  No taller is the mountain than the desire to over come it.

20.  Ride like a kid.

21.  Dads, the other part of life equation.

22. The Devil, she may wear Prada; She doesn't wear it well.

23.  Provocation of difference only alienates your cause.

24.   On My Honor, wish it held true for all things these days.

25.  Belittling someone else's fear is not a valid point in a constructive conversation.

26.  The law of equality endures as one of Americas most greatest treasures.

27.  There is no known medical term defining phantom foreskin sensation.

28.  Plans are your thesis; Master the preparation.

29.  Emboldened with passion. 

30.  Guidance, as suggested, should be persuasive. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015


1.  Leading is a result of hard effort. Those who choose to follow will acknowledge this effort.

2.  In every community there is a greater good, it comes out when a concentrated effort is put forth.

3.  Every child will grow, nurture them in love.

4.  Play is important.

5.  Leaving your inner child behind is a great loss of your happiest adulthood.

6.  Bring many tongues  to the conversation and speak with your ears.

7.  Best suited for live action.

8.  I've always had an eye out,  just not poked out. 

9.  It's a life worth living, so full of wonder.

10. Judging from the first glance of perception is like

11.  Rainbow + drugs = Northern Lights.

12.  Acknowledge a mistake by rewarding it's effort.

13.  Just because something works often does not mean it should always become habit.

14.  Take away the beauty of a moment.

15.  Yes I've seen you put it down and crush it; Baby, how blue can you get? BB King

16.  All lubed up and no where to go. Ultra runner

17.  A true friend will cover any distance to be united.

18. When you step up, don't wonder how hard will it be.

19.  Fascinate yourself.

20.  Never let bumps and bruises callus your mind.

21.  My name will be your last breath - Walton Dumfries

22.  Troubled times need a clock rest.

23.  Whispering silence.

24.  Your perception of normal should not be bound to a current belief.

25.  The importance of our past is commonly overstated by a one off holiday. 

26.  Sometimes your internal monologue is misunderstood as your truest self.

27.  Do not be shocked by others beliefs as yours are alien to them.

28.  It is time to be patience when in flux.

29.  Love is the greatest adventure two people can commit to.

30.  I DO.

31.  I forgot how many days are in the month. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


1.  It is the fool who seeks no guidance.

2.  Seek to leave better.

3.  The activity of flight is worth more than a fare.

4.  Growth of springs newly beating heart.

5.  Religion, been teaching us with it's words. Faith, been killing us all along.

6.  Teething bites - Elliot Bloomhardt Doran

7.   Every step forward is recovery from the 2 steps backwards.

8.  Time holds neither future or past.

9.  As sounds drew closer in the dark, sweat dripped from her brow...

10.  You never know how strong you are until that's your only choice. Anonymous

11.  Every guided adventure has missteps.

12.  Question your use of things. You may find things using you.

13.  Peace should be more energized than war and hate. "I hugged the sheriff and the deputy"-

14. I will soak up the medication of age and experience. 

15.  It is a constant struggle between enough and not enough. 

16.  Babies born waiting. 

17.  I've cleared all my time for loving you. 

18.  You've never come to greet me at the door wearing shells. 

19.  Generosity needs constant mending. 

20.  It stopped the day old man Clarkston hanged.

21.  No matter the effort be rewarded by your virtue.

22.  Slung through space by a mightier might, we revolve not around but through space. It seems for the greatest things in life are truly small and moving.

23.  The given length of any path needs equally mindful attention.

24.  Use your practice as a seat from which to view your own habits - Sage Roundtree

25.  This may be your 'do over', act like it matters.

26.  Studies have shown in fact that the grass is greener, neighbors are healthier,  children better behaved, trees shadier and get more Likes on FaceBook than the person who is not you looks to be you when you is looking to be them.

27.  Zipper-zoo poggie people too.

28.  White problems, not newsworthy.

29.  Pain is shared and memorable to all.

30.  Apparently every angel waits for a bell to ring.

Monday, March 2, 2015


1.  Truth will never taste bad.

2.  Dissolve entangling snares that cease minds wandering inquisition.

3.  God ran out of ideas in 6 days.

4.  A belly of surprise awaits the curios foodie.

5.  The history we build upon today is still not making us any better than we were thousands of years      ago. A future built on frustrations and ownership build a divide mostly unconquerable. Learning          from our past is the last sticking point to greater peace amongst all.

6.  Once stayed at a place for their renowned Creature Comforts.

7.  Today markers the 50 anniversary of Selma, Bloody Sunday. Please look here . Next go here.
     My thought is a measure about time and place. "What a place to be time."

8.  A house of any size will take the shape of a home.

9.  Had a bottle of Faith and still didn't make a believer out of me.

10.  Opening a can with your none dominate hand takes quite a bit of muscle thought.

11.  Stay Christy my friends. 

12.  Judge me not from opinions others but the deeds I have done. 

13.  Travel long and far on the blue sphere of Mother Earth.

14.  Enter darkness not with fear but with the expectation of surprise.

15.  Sometimes the pain reminds you how big your goal was.

16.   "...you are a bundle of can!" - Rachel Bell Kelly

17.  Kindness is always the best choice.

18.  The United States has the highest prison population in the world (2,228,424). We openly claim to          have a better human rights record than most everyone else. How you look at it I guess.

19.  Through the eyes of a wise man, look through your future...to finish.

20.  Emotional memories of happiness.

21.  Keys to success are not always on the same chain.

22.  Been down the road till directions ran out.

23.  Do not be angered by circumstances as they have are greatly effected by an infinite amount of                  separate occurrences. 

24.  Cut a tree down weeks before it's leaf out date it will still try to blossom.

25. A path reaches out, able to deliver one at a destination.

26.  If death is out of your control, will you breath through your entire body filling your soul with                              life?

27.  The best part of uniqueness is the calmness it can bring.

28.  Giggles are giggles and so should it be everyday.

29.  Elephant Element. 

30.  Push on trying, you are a child in a world of learning. 

31.  Best of many bad ideas.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


  1. Without action life is a settlement.                                                                                                      
  2. Vexed tongues unleash poisoned ideology.                                                                                       
  3. I may not have the proof of science however my choices are my right.                                              
  4. His Baby like feature went by so quick. His Manhood is shaping up to be wondrous.                          
  5. The perception of forgetfulness will only lead to a more sombre remembrance.                                 
  6. A fine frustration. Do not stumble down it's swift path instead steer toward success.                        
  7. One who travels farthest in their mind travels lightest by foot. Inspired by Anthony Corriveau.    
  8. Sometimes the moment is difficult or objectionable, that's why you took the photo.                               
  9. Let the vitals start hitting the entrails.                                                                                                  
  10. A spot in a place distanced from a length, within reach yet out of sight.                                           
  11. In light of the recent shooting in Chapel Hill I ask all to dedicate themselves to a deeper world peace. Take your love to others, give your heart away, lend your hand to fellow humans who may need it.                                                                                                                                      
  12. Life should not be a constant struggle of love and hate.                                                                          
  13. Pick a day and drive the speed limit everywhere. All day, all the time, never exceed it.                   
  14. Be where love grows the best.                                                                                                             
  15. Cold, it's like the lack of warmth with numbness.                                                                              
  16. I think the Burning Ring of Fire is a porthole.                                                                                   
  17. Sadly as the voices were silenced those with wealth gilded the voices with power.                            
  18. It's not the singular day you remember the most but the strength of the sensual impacts.                    
  19. Darkness is heavier and faster than light.                                                                                              
  20. The plight of thought spent ruminating ethical beliefs of others is to great of a weight while conducting a conversation of opposing views.                                                                                 
  21. Still night air, space white moonlight, glimpsing shadowy shapes, it's so easy to say I Love You, when the adventures are like an affair, dream with me, watercolored sunrises washed across skies, we've been warmed by sun and souls, create our path.                                                  
  22. It is motion, pure and simple, that dictates our lives.                                                                       
  23. Too the price of remembering. I'll have another drink.                                                                     
  24. I love when you put out bird food and within 3 minutes there are more birds than you can count. So many in fact that they will share the stoop.                                                                      
  25. Ultra runners aim for tumbleweed speed.                                                                                           
  26. Well crafted men always have more than one plan.                              
  27. On a day to forget. 
  28. February is the only month that can go without a full moon. 1999 next 2018

Thursday, January 1, 2015


In seeing the movie American Splendor last night I feel motivated to write. I have long been know for what has been called Haroldisms. Sometimes these saying work while the vast majority of the time they fall deafly to oblivion.

365 sayings, observational quotes, distracted remembrances and the like will follow.

  1.   Never fear the start as strength will grow during the journey.                                                          
  2.   Your never alone, even when no one else is there as long as you have yourself.                            
  3.   The Plain Truth may not be wearing clothes.                                                                                
  4.   When put into perspective it's the smallest parts that make a whole.                                              
  5.   Listening to people explain how they don't believe in 'Aliens' makes me recall the world was     believed to be the center of the universe just a few short years ago. Humans.                                 
  6.   What if a healthy, active and locally sourced lifestyle were given the same governmental      considerations as oil, coal, big banks, military contracts and super-pacs? Life for thought.             
  7.   French Fries, French kissing and the Statue of Liberty. Freedom and Friendship.                                       
  8.   Be stronger than the fear of another persons words.                                                                       
  9.   Victory in War; Forfeiture of Peace                                                                                               
  10.  108 billion people have been born on earth, 180 billion molecules of water are in a snow     flake.
  11. Restrained voices remain in apathetic minds.                                                                                   
  12. Applying ones age in cynical righteousness, combats the youthfulness of your ideals.                   
  13. We have opposable thumbs and Unicorns have,well, one glittery rainbow infused horn.               
  14. Breath gratifyingly deep, step outward with passion. Being you is who you are, relax.                 
  15. 50% more appealing than Tuesday laundry.                                                                                    
  16. Klassic Khristian Klub.                                                                                                                     
  17. Volunteer for the heart of a community.                                                                                          
  18. It's Sunday. Let your home and all those who reside, be the focus of your heart.                              
  19. A day will come when ones peaceful strength will be the 'Lead Story'.                                          
  20. Training is ones tempered resolve to stave off procrastination.                                                          
  21. Exactly how well know does something have to be to claim "World Renowned"?                        
  22. It hurt; I stopped.                                                                                                                               
  23. The daily value of living should not be overly complexed as time adds complexity at a constant state.                                                                                                                                                 
  24. Don't be surprised by how quick the steepness and depth of the hole you just dug happens.          
  25. Regretfully, I'll leave the whores my money, leave their loving bodies for the uncaring bounty in a cold North ocean.                                                                                                                    
  26. Beautiful pleasure is a glowing and glistening skinned body gently warmed by the sun.                  
  27. Give yourself a teaching moment when winter blankets you in white silence.                                   
  28. “Violence containment spending is economic activity related to the consequences or prevention of violence where the violence is directed against people or property” The world spends 9.46 trillion.                                                                                                                                              
  29. Find yourself a traveling companion for life.                                                                                   
  30. Grow through life.                                                                                                                            
  31. Yes, that is the fact I'm sticking with.