Monday, June 1, 2015


1. Summer is coming the sun will arch high.

2.  Children, by far, are the least bothered by your appearance.

3.  In life the lessons you learn should be put to the best of use.

4.  All the events leading up to today will effect tomorrows slight sorrow.

5.  It's vegetarian because porks eats vegetable.  Supa Trailhead

6. Hard effort is worth it. Even harder effort may not be worth it tomorrow.

7.  Testing failure, science.

8.  The earth has set itself on fire, quaked the ground apart, erupted volumes of magma, flooded deltas, sent storms ravaging the lands, dust bowled entire continents, powered tsunamis,  all of which created a planet of living inhabitants that evolved to become strong.

9.  Sneaky as a cloud.

10.  Being together for adventure creates monumental wellness.

11.  All have graduated, life is a timeline of enjoyment.

12.  With the allure of fun comes great sacrifice. 

13.  Don't tell me someone hasn't taken some leftover womb sack and done that already.

14.  Turns may be a change of direction however they should not throw off your path.

15.  Mountains have encompassed you, it is feeling their embrace.

16.  I thought I lost you. I sought help. You came back. Relief and calm.

17.  Persuaded by doubt, you've caved within.

18.  Witted passed reasonable retort, I fathomed too blank as my stare gazed.

19.  No taller is the mountain than the desire to over come it.

20.  Ride like a kid.

21.  Dads, the other part of life equation.

22. The Devil, she may wear Prada; She doesn't wear it well.

23.  Provocation of difference only alienates your cause.

24.   On My Honor, wish it held true for all things these days.

25.  Belittling someone else's fear is not a valid point in a constructive conversation.

26.  The law of equality endures as one of Americas most greatest treasures.

27.  There is no known medical term defining phantom foreskin sensation.

28.  Plans are your thesis; Master the preparation.

29.  Emboldened with passion. 

30.  Guidance, as suggested, should be persuasive.