Sunday, November 1, 2015


1.  Waining daylight shifts life.

2.  The angle of right to wrong is subtle.

3.  Bad advice is generally given by those not directly involved. 

4.  Doubt is fears explanation. 

5.  Encouragement should never be stronger than a calm voice. 

6.  Xmas holiday has begun. 

7.  It is the useful space between breaths when a deep relaxation can occur. 

8.  The breadth of your situation should not hinder your immediate abilities. 

9.  Your voice is my home. 

10. Love is self regenerating. 

11. A burning energy from desire propels us to a higher, fuller and complete being.

12. The little things matter. A smile, hug, kind word, gesture or paying for my coffee.

13. Sometimes when I giggle it's a safe bet to not ask why.

14. Our freedoms may not be the same however our human instincts are shared throughout.

15. Based on the NRA's propaganda, the Militant terrorists who killed those in Paris would have benefited from expanded mental health screening because thats what keeps guns away from bad people.

16. People seek safety and shelter while fleeing devastation, seems to me they are smart people.

17. To build something permanent is to except ones time one earth as having a deeper longevity.

18. Consciousness left idle may lead to unwanted persuasion.

19. A good deed gone unrecognized shall never go unbenefited.

20. Value from learned mistakes never cost as much as repeated mistakes.

21. I've been brought down in an iridescent filled sunset. Astonished with effervescent curiosity I'll continue earthward radiating color globally.  The shine, the shine, bright shine indeed, the glow of long shadows mix the pallet of sky shades.

22. If I decrease my claimed dollar value the overall effect would not go far however if someone making 10.5 million in salary reduces their claimed dollar value the effects would be astonishing.  It's the overwhelming drive to increase gross profit over the price of respect that is laudable.

23. A life of travel increases your empathy to the various cultural differences the world has.

24. A black and white world is not devoid of color.

25. A fight taken to the people should never disparage the least fortunate among us. You looking out for you is backing down from the first fist.

26. Thanks You.

27. Emotional waterfalls.

28. Red punches Blue causing Yellow to turn green. Sickened Blue lashes out at Red fisting a deep purple exchange, meanwhile Yellow has now joined the darkening fray with a black blow to both.

29. Be Free.

30. Strength of belief should not dictate actionable force.