Saturday, May 2, 2015


1.  Leading is a result of hard effort. Those who choose to follow will acknowledge this effort.

2.  In every community there is a greater good, it comes out when a concentrated effort is put forth.

3.  Every child will grow, nurture them in love.

4.  Play is important.

5.  Leaving your inner child behind is a great loss of your happiest adulthood.

6.  Bring many tongues  to the conversation and speak with your ears.

7.  Best suited for live action.

8.  I've always had an eye out,  just not poked out. 

9.  It's a life worth living, so full of wonder.

10. Judging from the first glance of perception is like

11.  Rainbow + drugs = Northern Lights.

12.  Acknowledge a mistake by rewarding it's effort.

13.  Just because something works often does not mean it should always become habit.

14.  Take away the beauty of a moment.

15.  Yes I've seen you put it down and crush it; Baby, how blue can you get? BB King

16.  All lubed up and no where to go. Ultra runner

17.  A true friend will cover any distance to be united.

18. When you step up, don't wonder how hard will it be.

19.  Fascinate yourself.

20.  Never let bumps and bruises callus your mind.

21.  My name will be your last breath - Walton Dumfries

22.  Troubled times need a clock rest.

23.  Whispering silence.

24.  Your perception of normal should not be bound to a current belief.

25.  The importance of our past is commonly overstated by a one off holiday. 

26.  Sometimes your internal monologue is misunderstood as your truest self.

27.  Do not be shocked by others beliefs as yours are alien to them.

28.  It is time to be patience when in flux.

29.  Love is the greatest adventure two people can commit to.

30.  I DO.

31.  I forgot how many days are in the month.