Wednesday, April 1, 2015


1.  It is the fool who seeks no guidance.

2.  Seek to leave better.

3.  The activity of flight is worth more than a fare.

4.  Growth of springs newly beating heart.

5.  Religion, been teaching us with it's words. Faith, been killing us all along.

6.  Teething bites - Elliot Bloomhardt Doran

7.   Every step forward is recovery from the 2 steps backwards.

8.  Time holds neither future or past.

9.  As sounds drew closer in the dark, sweat dripped from her brow...

10.  You never know how strong you are until that's your only choice. Anonymous

11.  Every guided adventure has missteps.

12.  Question your use of things. You may find things using you.

13.  Peace should be more energized than war and hate. "I hugged the sheriff and the deputy"-

14. I will soak up the medication of age and experience. 

15.  It is a constant struggle between enough and not enough. 

16.  Babies born waiting. 

17.  I've cleared all my time for loving you. 

18.  You've never come to greet me at the door wearing shells. 

19.  Generosity needs constant mending. 

20.  It stopped the day old man Clarkston hanged.

21.  No matter the effort be rewarded by your virtue.

22.  Slung through space by a mightier might, we revolve not around but through space. It seems for the greatest things in life are truly small and moving.

23.  The given length of any path needs equally mindful attention.

24.  Use your practice as a seat from which to view your own habits - Sage Roundtree

25.  This may be your 'do over', act like it matters.

26.  Studies have shown in fact that the grass is greener, neighbors are healthier,  children better behaved, trees shadier and get more Likes on FaceBook than the person who is not you looks to be you when you is looking to be them.

27.  Zipper-zoo poggie people too.

28.  White problems, not newsworthy.

29.  Pain is shared and memorable to all.

30.  Apparently every angel waits for a bell to ring.