Saturday, August 1, 2015


1.  Pet peeve: The overt use of 'guys' to mean any group, even groups of women.  I have vowed to let go of the sexism nature of the phrase 'guys' if dealing with mixed sexs of people. I will, just for the punch, use 'ladies' for the reaction of the males in a group just to start a conversation.

2.  Reality TVS overt addition of drama is not just insincere, it creates a disconnection in our perception of the world we live in.

3. Labels, works for filling not judgements.

4.  Pursuit of perfection is easier when you've acknowledged changing parameters of success.

5.  "Made another trip around the sun." "The Happy Happy Birthday Song" by Arrogant Worms

6.  A Florida man wearing an adult diaper has been seen shopping for laundry detergent.

7.  When you remove facts from history, you can repeat it all over again since you are right this time.

8.  Corporate illusion, a well disguised fox among sheep.

9.  It can be a tear filled with happiness that starts a grand journey.

10. Time passes without your input.

11.  Reduce your use.

12. Youth may have stamina, age may have wisdom, Why am I so blown out?

13.  By out of the way I mean no internet and memory.

14.  Love never stops learning. 

15.  Motorcycle touring is the controlled art of adaption.

16.  Without redemption those who habour loss fester a malignancy of unrest.

17.  I left a flower for you out on the trial. It's beauty reminded me of you, we should go and see.

18.  Be spars with your words. 

19.  Desire drives me to explore even if what I explore has been found.

20.  'Guns don't kill people, people kill people' are the same group who say, 'Guns save lives'.

21.  Speed Hump Ahead. You'll thank me for the laugh later.

22.  There is a goodness in humanity, sometimes it needs familiarity.

23.  Whatever happened to the business structure when they became so unpatriotic that they left the country, took massive tax deductions, removed most benefits, threaten middle class by stripping workers rights, give more attention to their shareholders benefits and now to bring them home business wants your limited tax dollar to rebuild here? I call BULLSHIT!

24.  It is the greatest emotion that finesses the greatest actions.

25.  A well loved child will keep giving, unconditionally.

26.  The un-cursed weight borne from hateful white privilege now is dispelled so easily with a mogul empire of propaganda. Sacrifice the the black, latino, lower class, disheartened poor to sell the shit farce lie that lines your shelves in gold and riches.

27. The word Set has 464 definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary.

28.  Most days start on a great foot, for those that don't just keep your feet grounded.

29.  I have been in a reduced state of health for 17 day now. Ultra preparation training.

30.  Smallest doors may carry the largest opportunities.

31.  Know matter how long you revolve around the earth while spiraling along with the galaxy you will never be in the same place, ever.