Monday, March 2, 2015


1.  Truth will never taste bad.

2.  Dissolve entangling snares that cease minds wandering inquisition.

3.  God ran out of ideas in 6 days.

4.  A belly of surprise awaits the curios foodie.

5.  The history we build upon today is still not making us any better than we were thousands of years      ago. A future built on frustrations and ownership build a divide mostly unconquerable. Learning          from our past is the last sticking point to greater peace amongst all.

6.  Once stayed at a place for their renowned Creature Comforts.

7.  Today markers the 50 anniversary of Selma, Bloody Sunday. Please look here . Next go here.
     My thought is a measure about time and place. "What a place to be time."

8.  A house of any size will take the shape of a home.

9.  Had a bottle of Faith and still didn't make a believer out of me.

10.  Opening a can with your none dominate hand takes quite a bit of muscle thought.

11.  Stay Christy my friends. 

12.  Judge me not from opinions others but the deeds I have done. 

13.  Travel long and far on the blue sphere of Mother Earth.

14.  Enter darkness not with fear but with the expectation of surprise.

15.  Sometimes the pain reminds you how big your goal was.

16.   " are a bundle of can!" - Rachel Bell Kelly

17.  Kindness is always the best choice.

18.  The United States has the highest prison population in the world (2,228,424). We openly claim to          have a better human rights record than most everyone else. How you look at it I guess.

19.  Through the eyes of a wise man, look through your finish.

20.  Emotional memories of happiness.

21.  Keys to success are not always on the same chain.

22.  Been down the road till directions ran out.

23.  Do not be angered by circumstances as they have are greatly effected by an infinite amount of                  separate occurrences. 

24.  Cut a tree down weeks before it's leaf out date it will still try to blossom.

25. A path reaches out, able to deliver one at a destination.

26.  If death is out of your control, will you breath through your entire body filling your soul with                              life?

27.  The best part of uniqueness is the calmness it can bring.

28.  Giggles are giggles and so should it be everyday.

29.  Elephant Element. 

30.  Push on trying, you are a child in a world of learning. 

31.  Best of many bad ideas.